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Conduct classes and earn money

Do you have a skill you'd like to share? Or are you just good at watching children and keeping them entertained?

You can boost your income teaching a class using the Classient.com platform. Here's an example of what one of our popular classes looks like. Classient.com will provide your class with a professional webpage and booking system like this one which will allow you to easily market your class online via social media, take payments online before each class, and keep track of and manage your class sign-ups at any time. Works great for both in-person and online classes!

You'll never have to collect payment in person from students or chase them later for payments. We'll handle all the finances and pay your net earnings out to you promptly and automatically within a few business days.


A professional look

Classient.com will provide your class with a webpage like this one for a Parents' Night Out which will allow you to advertise your class to friends, social media, and anywhere else you want to recruit students, with all information and class dates.

Accept credit/debit card payments

Never chase students or their parents for payments again and never any need to collect payment in person from them when they show up. They're already all paid up via Classient when they show up for your class, whether in-person or online.

Check students' information

Classient will collect all students + parents information when they book their classes including names, phone numbers, and emails, verify parents' emails, ensure that all student ages are within the range you specified for your class, and make sure classes are not overbooked.

Login to track activity

You can always login to your Classient.com teacher account to see who's coming to each of your classes, look up their contact information, get in touch with them via phone or email if needed, and see who came to prior class dates.

Prompt fast payments

We use Stripe to make payments to our teachers quickly and automatically. Stripe transfers your net earnings after Classient.com fees (see FAQ below) directly to your bank account within a few business days of class sign ups being made.

Prompt and friendly support

We want you to focus on teaching and support you every step of the way. We'll help you set up and maintain your class on Classient.com, and guide you with building your business using your Classient.com class webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can teach a class on Classient?
Our teachers come from many different backgrounds. For older children/adults, we look for people who have a special skill to offer, enjoy teaching, and that have experience with teaching as a parent, a professional educator, or a similar role. For younger children, it's usually more about baby-sitting experience - you need to be able to watch kids and keep them entertained. You also need to be able to host a class at your home or somewhere local. If you feel like you have something you'd like to teach, or are just good at watching children, please consider contacting us and enquiring about becoming one of our teachers. We are looking for teachers all over the USA (and worldwide)!
Where can I teach my class?
For online classes, you can of course teach your class anywhere you like. We recommend that you have a good video setup with a good quality webcam, and a good internet connection, but other than that, there really is no limit. For in-person classes, most of our teachers have a dedicated room at home they set aside for teaching classes. Some other teachers use other locations like libraries, churches, or community centers. If you're not teaching a class at home, you need to be authorized to use the location you'd like to teach at.
What does it cost?
There are no upfront fees for teachers on Classient.com - no fees to join the platform, no setup fees, and no monthly dues. Teachers only pay 10% of their actual earnings from the classes they teach. This fee is deducted from your payout automatically when we send you your earnings (see next question).

Note: our payment processor, Stripe, levies an additional small transaction fee on all bookings made through Classient.com. Teachers however are only responsible for the 10% Classient.com fee and do not pay any Stripe fees themselves.
When do I get paid?
We use Stripe to make payments to our teachers quickly and automatically. Stripe transfers your net earnings after Classient.com fees (see previous question) directly to your bank account within a few business days of class sign ups being made.

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