About Classient.com

Classient.com is a website where you can find local classes taught by your neighbors for your children or for yourself. You can learn something new and make new friends in your local area, or your children can learn and play, and you as parents get some time off from watching them, at an affordable price. Talk about a win-win situation!

A message from our founders, Lily and Alex:

Our goal is to provide children with learning opportunities as well some time off for their parents.

When we started Classient.com, we both worked full time, with an au pair helping out during week days to take care of our two little girls. We found ourselves spending all our time outside work with our kids, driving them to various classes or taking care of them, and ended up with little time for ourselves. As time went by, we wondered why there was not a place where our kids could take classes close by, making new friends in our neighborhood... which would also allow us to get some time off to ourselves.

Traditional class options we came across offered around an hour of instruction or so, and although some of them were great, we really couldn't go anywhere but sit there, wait and watch our kids in class. Sometimes, for just an hour class, we'd have to plan at least two hours' time for driving and waiting.

So... Classient.com was born! Classient.com is a website where you can find classes for children covering all kinds of subjects - conveniently taught by people in your neighborhood. Some classes are in their homes, whilst others are may be in other locations such as churches, libraries, and parks. Putting your children in a class with Classient.com can be a real win-win situation, giving you some time off whilst letting your children learn, grow, and make new friends.

After we started Classient.com, we found that the demand was there not just for children's classes but also for classes for adults, in areas such as physical fitness, yoga, cooking, dance, computer and technical education, and many more. Interestingly enough, we found that for adults, besides the attraction of learning something new in their local neighborhood, the social element of meeting new friends was often just as important as it was to children and their parents! - indeed it was something that they found lacking when they tried other ways of learning such as online classes. So we extended the site to cater to teachers who wished to teach adult classes besides children. As a result Classient.com has now become a platform for all ages.

Teachers on Classient.com come from many different backgrounds. We look for people who have a special skill to offer children or adults, enjoy teaching, have experience with teaching as a parent, a professional educator, or a similar role, and can host a class at their home or a location they are authorized to use. If you feel like you have something you'd like to teach or are good at watching kids, please register a teacher account now and follow the instructions to set up a class after you login.